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How to Change a Tyre

Being unfamiliar with the procedure makes changing a flat tyre a difficult task. But, you can quickly replace a flat tyre with a spare tyre by following a few easy procedures. We will walk you through changing a tyre step-by-step in this post.

Step 1: Find a safe location.

Finding a secure area to change a tyre is the first step. In order to prevent any danger while driving on a highway, pull over to the side of the road and make sure you are far enough away from the traffic. In order to prevent the car from rolling away, make sure the ground is stable and level.

Step 2: Gather the necessary tools.

Assemble the required tools before starting the tyre replacement. A spare tyre, a wheel brace (sometimes referred to as a lug wrench), a jack, and a wheel chock are necessary (if you have one). If you don't have a wheel chock, you can stop the automobile from rolling by using a brick or a sizable rock.

Step 3: Loosen the wheel nuts

Loosen the wheel nuts on the flat tyre by using the wheel brace. Simply make them loose enough to make removal simple once the car is raised, but don't remove them just yet.

Step 4: Lift the car.

Lift the car with the jack until the flat tyre is elevated. Make sure the jack is positioned correctly and that the automobile is being lifted securely.

Step 5: Remove the wheel nuts and the flat tyre.

Remove the wheel nuts and the flat tyre when the car has been lifted. Don't let any of the wheel bolts go missing.

Step 6: Install the spare tyre.

Install the spare tyre on the wheel studs and manually tighten the wheel nuts. Using the wheel brace, tighten them as much as you can.

Step 7: Lower the car.

Lower the car back to the ground using the jack. Once the car is on the ground, use the wheel brace to tighten the wheel nuts as much as possible.

Step 8: Check the tyre pressure.

Make sure the spare tyre air pressure is at the proper amount by checking it.

Step 9: Store the flat tyre and tools.

The tools and flat tyre should be kept in the trunk of your car.

Although changing a flat tyre can be difficult, it is a necessary skill for all drivers. You can quickly and safely change a tyre and get back on the road by following these easy steps. To prevent more flat tyres, make sure you routinely check the tyre pressure and replace any worn tyres.